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Susan St. Vincent started this idea, she is really good at that. Five of us agreed to start a fantasy trip to Vienna for New Year's Eve at the Vienna Imperial Ball at the Hofburg Palace. We could have fantasy dates as well, except Kathie who has her wonderful husband Bill. The fun thing about fantasy dates, you could be any age you wanted and so could your fantasy date. So as a skinny 35 year old I asked Neil Diamond age 36 to be my date. I was delighted at the thought of spending time and what our conversation would be like (among other things). Sean Connery, John Travolta, George Clooney came along as dates for the others too. 

We planned to stay at the Sacher Hotel where I stayed once in corporate life in the late 1980s. After dinner and the famous Sacher Torte for dessert, I went up to my elegant room to find the bed turned down and a linen cloth on the floor beside the bed. Now that wasn't fantasy, it was real class. Talk about impressive. 

There was a covered horse drawn carriage to take us to and from the ball. We all had beautiful gowns and I had a warm white ermine long coat and matching hat as well. (shades of Doctor Zhivago) I just copied a beautiful dress from a magazine and posted it for this fantasy trip. Here it is: 

So you can see how much fun this fantasy can be.

Next of the many fantasy trips will be an upcoming winter trip and getting out of all that snow and cold. A first class flight to the North Shore of Kauai, Hawaii starts our adventure. There is so much to see and do in the "most beautiful place in all of Hawaii". First is the unbelievable beauty of its beaches and ultra-green mountains; flowers everywhere with fragrance wafting on the gentle trade winds; steeped in history; written about in best selling novels; perfect movie site... and I found one of the most elegant hotels for our fantasy stay, the Princeville St. Regis. 

Wont you join us in our fabulous trip?

All you have to do is to let me know so I can add you to our private group, then help by asking questions, submitting photos, and making comments. I'll be your tour guide, so you can just sit back and take the trip with our group.

Hawaii awaits!
on facebook,  "Dawn's Fantasy Trips" page. I have to add you to this private page. Let me know.

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